Queensland Urban Utilities has announced its component in the average residential water and sewerage bill—based on a water usage of 150kl per year—in Brisbane will increase in 2019/20.

Water and sewerage bills will increase by 2.5 per cent or $5.44 per quarter in 2019/20 (42c per week).

This does not include the State Bulk Water Charge, which is set and controlled by the Queensland Government.

Queensland Urban Utilities spokesperson, Michelle Cull, said they were committed to keeping prices as low as possible, while continuing to invest in the existing network and new infrastructure.

“Our total capital investment across our five local council regions in 2019/20 will be $412 million,” Ms Cull said.

“In Brisbane, one of our biggest projects is the Rochedale Water Infrastructure Upgrade which will see the construction of 6km of new water pipes, a new water pump station, and two new reservoirs over the next three years.

“It’s also important we continue to renew our vast 18,000km pipe network, which if laid end to end, would stretch from here to London.”

Water and sewerage charges are changing by different amounts in five local council regions in another step towards making prices more consistent.

Ms Cull said Queensland Urban Utilities would continue to work hard to keep downward pressure on prices and deliver good value.

“We deliver fresh, clean drinking water to your tap for less than 1c per litre. We also remove, treat and dispose of all the wastewater from your home for less than $1.70 per day,” she said.

The State Bulk Water Charge, which is set and controlled by the Queensland Government, is increasing by 3.5 per cent in Queensland Urban Utilities’ service region in 2019/20, which will add $3.82 to the total quarterly water and sewerage bill.

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