It has been revealed that storage levels in the new Cotter Dam, soon to be launched by ACT Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, are now more than 5 times the volume of the original dam. Across the catchment other ACT dams are also breaking records.

Mark Sullivan, ACTEW Water’s managing Director said:

“We’re delighted that our dams are now storing more water than ever before, ensuring we can deliver water security for future generations of Canberrans. Today that figure is an impressive 211 billion litres and rising.”

Recent heavy rainfall saw the ACT’s overall dam storage levels increase by more than 4%, with much of that water taking its time to make its way through the catchment. Googong Dam near Queanbeyan has been sitting at 100% full and was spilling, with up to 14 billion litres pouring over the spillway at peak. Googong isn’t the only dam that’s 100% full; Bendora Dam is also full to capacity. Corin is filling rapidly and is now more than three-quarters full.

But, it is perhaps the rapid impoundment of water at the new Cotter Dam that is most pleasing, ahead of its 12th October launch. Already connected to the town supply, Cotter Dam is now nearly a third full (32%). It is storing around 24 billion litres of water, more than 5 times the original dam’s 4 billion litre capacity. Once full, Cotter will hold nearly 80 billion litres, delivering water security for generations of Canberrans.

Mr Sullivan continued:

“ACTEW is investing millions of dollars not only to ensure we have adequate storage to support the growth of our capital city, but in the pipes, pumps and treatment works that deliver this high quality drinking water to our customers across the territory, while supporting the development of new suburbs by increasing the capacity of our network. Our customers receive among the highest quality drinking water anywhere in Australia, while the typical Canberra household pays the second lowest combined water and sewerage bills across our state capitals.”

For more information on current catchment levels see the ACTEW Water website.

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