Water loss can be costly due to frequent repairs and replacement, water leakage, and increased energy consumption. As one of the world’s leading international valve manufacturers, AVK Valves, part of the AVK Group, is a quality endorsed company that provides solutions for water loss with its high-quality range of valves, hydrants and accessories for a range of markets, including water infrastructure pipelines, water treatment, sewage processing, fire protection, dams and reservoirs, HVAC, marine and gas distribution.

Water loss can be significantly reduced by using valves from AVK as the products are manufactured to a high quality, designed to be durable and provide trouble-free performance without affecting the quality of the drinking water. AVK gives you an economical, quality solution, where you get the full benefit of your investment.

Durability – save money by avoiding repairs and frequent replacement of your valves, and benefit from a higher level of safety because they are designed to last as long as the pipe network.

Maintenance free – there are clear cost savings, as you do not have to spend resources on maintenance. As an added advantage, you do not have to worry about possible environmental impacts associated with excavation.

No leakage – you can be 100 per cent certain that a closed valve provides tight shutoff of the flow and completely isolates the operating medium from the surrounding environment. You will not lose money on pumping water into the ground or through leaky pipes, and there is no washout of soil and contamination of groundwater.

avk3High uniform quality – automated processes ensure a high, uniform quality at a reasonable price. AKV products meet or exceed international requirements and standards, ensuring they are cost effective and sustainable.

Reduce waste – reduce the loss of water as well as electricity consumption, including CO2 emissions, which is an added economic and environmental benefit.

Future proof solution – AVK products comply with international requirements and standards, now and in the future.

AVK Valves will be exhibiting at Ozwater’17 at the International Convention Centre in Sydney from the 16th-18th May. Located at Booth K15, expert staff will be on hand to answer your questions. Delegates who visit will also go into the draw to win a case of Malcom Creek Cabernet Sauvignon.

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