The NSW Minister for Resources and Energy, the Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, has revoked regulatory coverage of Envestra’s Wagga Wagga gas distribution network, effective immediately. This means that gas distribution charges for the region will no longer be regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). The company has welcomed the decision.

The Wagga Wagga gas distribution network serves around 20,000 consumers and accounts for about 2% of Envestra’s revenues.

Envestra Managing Director, Ian Little said, “The revocation decision will not materially affect Envestra’s revenue, or financial performance, but represents an important step in removing the regulatory burden on business, where it is not warranted.”

“We intend to pass on to gas consumers in the region the saving in regulatory costs arising from this decision, estimated to have otherwise been in excess of $1 million in the coming year.”

“Envestra intends to limit any adjustment to its distribution charges for the 5-year period commencing 1 July 2014 to no more than the annual rate of inflation, and will continue to publish on its website the charges and terms and conditions governing access to the network.”

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