Works are underway by Icon Water to clean the South Taylor reservoir (ACT).

The preparatory work will allow for scheduled cyclical reservoir cleaning and inspection in the coming weeks which is part of a program that ensures our reservoirs are monitored and if required, cleaned on average, every five years.

This work requires the closure of certain valves in the water network to redirect water supply and allow the reservoir to be emptied for cleaning and inspection purposes.

The potential for water discolouration is not caused by the cleaning process itself, rather the process which requires water to be supplied through different pipes.

A change in direction of water flow can cause water discolouration due to naturally occurring sediment being stirred up within the network.

The areas that may be impacted include Kambah, Wanniassa, Gowrie, Torrens and Fadden.

Icon Water will endeavour to minimise any impact to the community throughout this essential work.

It is not recommended that you drink the water if it appears, tastes or smells objectionable. Customers experiencing discoloured water are advised not to use washing machines and dishwashers as it may stain clothing or clog filters.

Whilst it is difficult to predict to what degree the water will be affected, Icon Water advises that any discolouration should clear with normal use.

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