Water Corporation will use remote controlled cameras to inspect Albany’s wastewater system.

Water Corporation’s Great Southern Manager, Adrian Stewart, said remote controlled closed circuit TV (CCTV) cameras allowed detailed inspection of underground wastewater pipes, without the need to excavate the surrounding environment or use heavy equipment.

“To inspect the pipes a video camera equipped with lights and mounted on a remote controlled vehicle is lowered into the wastewater main, through an access chamber,” Mr Stewart said.

“An operator then drives the camera remotely through the wastewater pipe to inspect and provide video footage of its condition.

“Any wastewater blockages or damaged pipework identified by this process can then be repaired by feeding a ‘sleeve’ down the main to fix the break.”

Mr Stewart said the innovative technology had become an integral part of the Water Corporation’s maintenance plan in the Great Southern region.

“This all forms part of our commitment to ensure the wastewater system is working efficiently and safely.

“The community can also play a part in keeping the wastewater system healthy, by ensuring items such as cotton buds and wet wipes are not flushed down the toilet, and cooking fats and oils are not poured down the sink,” Mr Stewart said.  


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