Water Corporation has utilised a remote control video camera to inspect and assess the condition of part of Manjimup’s wastewater system in Western Australia.

Manjimup’s wastewater system consists of 52km of wastewater mains and six wastewater pump stations that transfer wastewater from homes to the local wastewater treatment plant for safe processing and disposal. 100 per cent of Manjimup’s wastewater is reused to irrigate a Water Corporation woodlot and the grounds of the Manjimup Country Club in summer.

Water Corporation’s South West Regional Manager, John Janssen, said the inspection is part of a detailed assessment of the wastewater system.

“We are using a remote controlled video camera to inspect part of the town’s wastewater system, to identify if it is in need of maintenance,” Mr Janssen said.

“Manjimup’s wastewater system has been developed and extended over decades, and the video inspection will allow us to see the condition of more than 15km of pipes.

“To inspect the pipes, the video camera, equipped with lights and mounted on a remote controlled vehicle, is lowered into the wastewater main, via an access chamber. An operator then drives the camera through the wastewater main to inspect and provide video footage of its condition.

“Remote controlled video cameras are used in the metropolitan area and across the world, however this is the first major inspection program in the south west.

“This all forms part of our commitment to ensure the wastewater system is working efficiently and effectively.”

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