A new power station is now operational and delivering power to Kalumburu, the most Northern community in Western Australia.

The modern, compliant and fuel efficient power station was built in partnership between Kimberely Regional Service Providers and Horizon Power.

The old power station was switched off in the early hours of Monday, 25 November, with the new power station successfully switched on shortly afterwards. The power station completed its seven day reliability trial on 2 December.

Horizon Power was funded to build the stations and upgrade the existing distribution networks in Kalumburu and the West Kimberley community of Yungngora (formerly Noonkanbah) under the Aboriginal and Remote Power Supply Project phase two (ARCPSP). Funding was provided by the State Government’s Public Utilities Office.

Kalumburu community was on Blue Alert over the weekend leading up to the changover as a result of Tropical Cyclone Alessia but the impact from the severe weather event was relatively low and the changeover to the new station was able to go ahead as planned.

ARCPSP Project Manager Ben Macdougall said, “The 1.2 megawatt power station installed at Kalumburu was specifically designed to deliver fuel efficient and reliable power generation in the tough conditions of remote Australia.”

The successful commissioning of the Kalumburu Power Station follows the commissioning of the Yungngora Power Station in September and the upgrade of the electrical distribution networks in both communities in 2011.

Horizon Power has delivered education to residents of both communities on electrical safety and energy efficiency, as well as assisting with the application of rebates and the new way of paying for power.

The completion of the Kalumburu Power Station marks the end of ARCPSP phase two.

Horizon Power has built seven power stations in remote Aboriginal communities since ARCPSP began in 2006 and upgraded the networks in eight communities. The stations built under phase one in the Kimberley are now owned and operated by an Independent Power Producer.


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