ReAmped Energy has expanded its retail operations to Victoria, with the aim of providing smarter, simpler and more affordable electricity plans.

Renowned for taking on the ‘big guys’, ReAmped Energy is one of the most affordable players in the energy market and has expanded rapidly across South East Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia since launching in February 2019.

ReAmped Energy CEO, Luke Blincoe, said the Victorian launch is the next step for ReAmped to put price-conscious Aussies first and stand up to the big power companies.

“We’re stoked to announce that we now service Victoria and give the community a taste of our independent and purpose-driven model,” Mr Blincoe said.

“ReAmped is all about simplicity, great prices and bringing Aussies the same power as the big power companies, without the big power company.

“We want to put money back in the pockets of consumers sick of paying too much for crap service and provide a no-fuss alternative that puts the customer first.”

ReAmped Energy said its popular Handshake Plan shows off the simple innovation at the core of the company.

With the Handshake Plan, ReAmped provides customers with better rates for their loyalty – and there’s no lock-in contracts.

“If people are willing to commit to us for a year, then we will return the favor with better rates,” Mr Blincoe said.

“But if that customer needs to leave, we’re not going to sting them with fees – that’s just not our style.”

As a licensed GreenPower provider, ReAmped Energy said it has also made it easy for customers to take care of the environment with their GreenPower proposition. Customers can opt to contribute an extra few cents per kWh to offset 25, 50, 75 or 100 per cent of their electricity usage with certified renewable energy.

“We know our customers want simple, reliable electricity at a fair price – so we’ve designed honest, transparent electricity plans that work for the customer,” Mr Blincoe said.

“At ReAmped, we’ve built our own technology to help us be efficient and give our customers a better deal and great service.

“We place our trust in knowing that if our customers are happy, they’ll stick with us.”

Roy Morgan Market Research and Analysis shows independent companies generally score better than Australia’s big energy providers in consumer satisfaction.

“ReAmped Energy isn’t afraid to stand up to the incumbents and cut through the confusion to ensure our prices outperform other retailers in the market,” Mr Blincoe said.

“We know that Aussies have the shits with the energy industry and its questionable treatment of loyal customers, so we’ll do everything in our power, pun intended, to challenge this perception of our industry.”

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