Now more than ever, it is critical to ensure your existing panelboards are installed with Residual Current Circuit Breakers that are compliant with AS/NZ standards.

With that in mind, NHP are proud to offer the SAFE-T SRCB, a perfect retro fit RCBO solution suitable for use in single phase general light and power distribution boards.

In addition to being suited to NHP SAFE-T panelboards, NHP also provide two versions available to suit Eaton and Heinemann panelboards ensuring quick replacement of MCBs without modification to the busbar chassis system.

The convenient size of the SAFE-T SRCB unit makes it possible to easily replace an MCB without taking up any extra space on the busbar chassis. This makes the SRCB ideal for retro fits into existing boards, minimising downtime and maximising turnaround time.

SRCB units offer overload, short circuit and earth leakage protection in a single pole units.

Features of the SAFE-T SRCB from NHP include:

  • 6kA short circuit protection
  • 10-20A overload protection
  • 10mA or 30mA earth leakage protection
  • Easy retro fit with NEMA style MCBs
  • Black pigtail for easy/fast neutral connection
  • 25mm width

With many organisations already in the process of upgrading panelboards, now is the perfect time to upgrade your existing circuit breaker.

For peace of mind safety that ensures the protection of staff, the public and assets, choose the NHP SAFE-T SRCB.

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