Leading provider of security, safety and environmental monitoring, AI solutions and platforms, Spectur has launched its latest product, the STA-Power, a modular solar-battery and communications system that provides power for technology anywhere the sun shines.

The STA-Power is the first member of a new generation of power platforms for Spectur and third-party technology products. This platform will support existing and future generations of electronic devices that need charging or power in remote and unpowered locations.

STA-Power provides a complete power system, including an integrated solar panel, solar charge controller, cabling, and lithium batteries in robust and easily installed housing.

The solution can also include ruggedised and elevated antenna for exceptional connectivity and even telemetry with battery and power diagnostics to advise and report power system performance when connected to Spectur sensing, thinking and acting camera platforms.

The modular and configurable platform comes in a range of battery and panel sizes to suit power demands and environmental limitations. Spectur can supply STA-Power as a standalone solution fixed to an optional pole with or without installation services. This integrated solution elevates the STA-Power 5m above ground level for security and shade avoidance.

“In remote locations, it has traditionally been difficult to source power for technologies such as surveillance cameras, digital signboards, lighting, public WiFi networks, modems and more,” said Spectur Managing Director Dr Gerard Dyson. “Our new STA-Power solution removes this challenge by providing a standalone source of power for a wide range of applications.”

“The STA-Power fills the gap in the market between very low power battery-only solutions and grid connectivity. The STA-Power provides utilities with a power option in locations where sourcing power has traditionally been unviable.” For utilities, the STA-Power provides an option for remote technologies requiring solar power with battery backup and communication.

This could be anything from IoT devices, sensors, water meters and power meters to telemetry systems, Wi-Fi networks, cameras and other sensors. STA-Power is an Australian-made registered industrial design optimised for strength, reliability, simplicity of assembly and installation, resilience, modularity and cost.

When combined with the innovative Spectur tilt-pole solution, the STA-Power can be installed by a single person, with a normal van or utility and no requirements for working at heights, cranes or traffic management.

With a 30 per cent smaller footprint to comparable alternatives on the market, and a 50 per cent increase in efficiency over previous models and competitors, the STA-Power offers leading performance and longevity in remote power solutions for Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

The STA-Power has been designed for minimum five year service life, and features IP68 optimised MPPT power controllers, LiFePO4 lithium battery for deep and multiple cycles, long-life and hot weather performance.

Spectur’s STA-Power solution offers utilities:

• A reliable, turn-key, modular and cost-effective power solution for remote and temporary locations
• The ability to utilise the power of the sun combined with Lithium battery technology in unwired locations
• Support for a wide range of applications including cameras, sensors, lights, meters, communication systems and other electronics

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