SA Power Networks has announced that it will transition from an associate to full signatory  status with Australia’s Energy Charter – a coalition of energy organisations with a shared purpose and passion for customers and communities.

The move comes following the appointment of Andrew Bills as SA Power Networks’ new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Energy Charter engages energy companies, regulators, customers, and stakeholders to work together for positive change in the energy sector to improve outcomes for customers.

Mr Bills has been an active member of the Energy Charter CEO Council. Moving SA Power Networks, South Australia’s electricity distribution network service provider, from an associate to full signatory is a declaration of his desire to continue to build on existing customer service initiatives.

“At SA Power Networks, we recognise the important role that the energy sector and its participants have in providing energy to consumers in line with community expectations,” Mr Bills said.

“We are committed to fostering the industry culture and solutions that are required to deliver on that purpose and recognise that better customer outcomes require a whole of industry approach. The Energy Charter provides a great forum for working together.”

Mr Bills said customer expectations were constantly evolving and it was crucial to adapt and innovate to meet their changing needs.

“I believe distribution businesses like SA Power Networks have a huge role to play given we have the direct physical connection with customers and increasingly are working with them to support their investments in energy, including rooftop solar, batteries and electric vehicles.

“We can only ensure reliable, safe and flexible energy supply services for customers amid a significant energy transition, if we work closely with them and their representative organisations.

“By participating in the Energy Charter, we aim to engage in meaningful national dialogue, gain valuable insights, and integrate these perspectives into our decision-making processes,” Mr Bills said.

“We are proud to join the Energy Charter and continue our journey towards enhancing customer focus. By actively collaborating with industry peers, regulators, and customers, we can collectively shape the future of Australia’s energy landscape and ensure that our services remain customer-centric and aligned with their needs.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to customer focus, SA Power Networks will leverage the Energy Charter’s four foundational principles: putting customers first, improving energy affordability, supporting a reliable and resilient energy system, and working towards a lower-emissions future. These principles align with our mission to provide affordable, safe, reliable, and sustainable energy services for South Australian communities.

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