SA Water is currently completing a water security planning process as part of a continued commitment to delivering quality drinking water services to the South East.

The South East region is supplied water from individual groundwater supplies (such as the Blue Lake and bores) as well as water from the River Murray via the Tailem Bend to Keith pipeline.

“Through the water security planning process, a comprehensive review of existing resources and the future needs of the South East water supply systems has been completed,” said John Howard, SA Water’s General Manager of Strategy & Planning.

As part of the process, models have been developed to assist SA Water in delivering quality drinking water services that meet the unique needs of South East communities.

The models allow SA Water to evaluate each local water resources’ ability to meet future demands. This assists in planning, management, and investment in the region’s water infrastructure.

“The models developed consider the impacts of population growth, economic development, changing climate, and existing system trends,” John says. “Projections developed with the models over a 30-year timeframe allow SA Water to make effective investments, ensuring an efficient public water supply.”

Consultation with key stakeholders, including local councils and management boards, has been fundamental to the development of the water security plan.


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