Power and Water has begun construction on new upgrades to the Sadadeen Substation, securing reliability for the Alice Springs community.

Due to aged infrastructure and increased maintenance costs, Power and Water is upgrading the Sadadeen Substation to increase reliability and security of the Alice Springs power network.

This $11.85 million project will replace the existing building and install new 11kV Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS). The new switchgear will replace the existing system which is approaching the end of its life.

A substation is infrastructure where electricity voltage is stepped up for transmission (to send over long distances) or stepped down for distribution (to individual households). This essential infrastructure ensures that power users receive the right voltage for their needs.

All works are scheduled to be complete by April 2020 and the new equipment fully operational by August 2020.

Power and Water aims to have as little impact as possible on adjacent neighbourhoods and residents while works take place.

Minister for Renewables, Energy and Essential Services, Dale Wakefield, said the new Sadadeen Substation upgrade will increase the reliability and security of the Alice Springs power network, provide up to 30 construction jobs, as well as support local businesses during the construction phase.

“This is part of the Labor Government’s commitment to keeping power assets in public hands, unlike the CLP’s record of selling public assets and raising power prices,” Mr Wakefield said.

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