The close control of toxic and/or combustible gases requires specialised technology for the continuous monitoring of analysers to ensure their safe and effective use, protecting employees and ensuring end-product quality. 

Validation of uninterrupted flow to the analsyer is necessary to alert system operators should the analyser fail to measure or operate for a range of reasons, including blocked sample tubes, stuck valves or any other number of potential issues.

Fluid Components International (FCI) is providing the dependable, accurate and responsive equipment necessary to meet the demands of such work.

FCI’s FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor is a sophisticated universal flow switch and monitor specifically designed for gas and liquid process analyser sampling systems. The FS10A is a fast responding, highly repeatable sensor, which instals easily into a standard tube tee fitting or the SP76 (NeSSI) modular manifold. 

Utilising FCI’s thermal dispersion flow measurement technology, the FS10A Analyzer Flow/Switch Monitor is designed with proprietary equal mass sensing to achieve sensitivity and repeatability. 

The instrument’s wetted parts are corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel with Hastelloy C-22 sensor tips. The sensor element has no moving parts to foul, clog or maintain, which ensures continuous reliability and low maintenance. There are no cavities, orifices or dead-legs to trap or contaminate samples, which preserves sample integrity and faster sampling times. 

This instrument’s electronics are packaged in a rugged, fully-sealed, stainless steel housing that provides the Model FS10A with protection and long-life under all process conditions with virtually no maintenance. 

The electronics can be integral mounted with the sensor element, resulting in a unibody, self-contained unit or the electronics can be remote mounted away from the sensor element. 

The instrument’s remote configuration is Div 1/Zone 1 FM approved for hazardous environments. 

The remote configuration is useful when the sensor’s installation area is subjected to high temperatures or for mounting directly to the front panel of the analyser placing its display in a more convenient location for technician viewing. 

The FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor is designed with an easy-to-read, top-mounted flow rate monitoring LED array for at-a-glance visual indication of operational status of proper flow rate to the analyser or sampling system, or that an alarm/trip point has occurred. 

The flow switch’s set-point is conveniently user settable via two push-buttons accessible at the top of the unit or via the RS232C I/O port.

The Model FS10A is ideal for use with nearly all types of process and emissions sampling systems, including gas chromatographs (GCs), mass spectrometers, optical spectrometers, photometers and others. Standard configurations will accommodate standard 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch tubing as well as the SP76 (NeSSi) modular manifold. 

Depending on the tube size, the FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor operates over a wide flow range in air/gas; from 0.02SCFH to 200SCFH (10cc/min to 100,000cc/min), and in water/liquids; from 0.0.01GPH to 12.00GPH (0.70cc/min to 750.00cc/min). It accommodates wide turndowns with a ratio up to 100:1.

The Model FS10A’s outputs include a 1A relay settable for NO or NC operation and with user-settable for failsafe, hysteresis and/or time delay, and a 4-20mA analog output for trending. 

In addition to its SIL-2 rating, the Model FS10A features global hazardous area operations approvals including: ATEX, CE, CRN, EAC/TR CU, FM, FMc and IECEx for use in Div 2/Zone 2 environments.

FCI is a global company committed to delivering innovative solutions to the most challenging requirements for sensing, measuring and controlling flow, level and temperature of air, gases, and liquids.

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