Many Australian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) experience challenges in growing their business in the water sector. Barriers can include limited knowledge of the water market and the various regulatory requirements, competing products from overseas, or a lack of understanding of the value proposition in water sector specific applications.

The SAT Water – Showcasing Australian Technologies in Water – Program aims to assist Australian SMEs to overcome these barriers by providing direct access to the end-users within water utilities. The program objectives are to:

  • Share market knowledge with SMEs regarding the water industry’s needs via an information session
  • Undertake technical and commercial due diligence on eligible SMEs and provide feedback
  • Select relevant and appropriate technologies, undertake one-to-one coaching sessions, and advise SMEs on the best approach to take to successfully promote their offering
  • Increase the exposure of Australian SMEs to potential customers, which will enable the dissemination of end-user feedback, project opportunities and ideas to enhance business development.

Water innovation series

In June and July the SAT Water Program (Showcasing Australian Technologies in Water) will be giving WSAA members access to cutting edge technologies through a series of facilitated lunch time webinars.

Each webinar will showcase a new technology including those with applications for asset management, water treatment, wastewater treatment, water resource management, and water quality.

Webinars will present the business case for each technology, including technical outcomes, costs and implementation options.

Who should attend?

Decision-makers, procurement managers, asset managers, senior technical staff.

Who else may be interested in attending?

We encourage WSAA members to take advantage of the Water Innovation Series by holding ‘lunch and learn’ sessions open to all staff interested in learning about the latest in water innovations and technology.


The webinars are being held during lunch time (starting at 12:30 pm AEST for 1 hour) during June and July 2014. Three different technologies will be showcased each week for four weeks.

Where can I find out more?

Full schedule of Water Innovation Series of webinars

2014 SAT Water Innovation Series – Calendar.pdf​

Asset Management

2014 SAT Water Innovation Series – Asset Management Calendar.pdf

Water Treatment

2014 SAT Water Innovation Series – Treatment Calendar.pdf

Water Quality

2014 SAT Water Innovation Series – Water Quality.pdf

Water Resource Management

2014 SAT Water Innovation Series – Water Resource Management.pdf​

How do I register?

Registration is free. To register for one or more webinar email [email protected]

Once registered you will be provided with access details for the webinar.

The SAT Water Program is funded by the Australian Department of Industry. SAT Water gives WSAA members access to cutting edge commercialised technologies from SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises). The SAT Water webinar series is being delivered and facilitated by Isle Utilities.

SAT Water differs from the TAG Program as it provides business case and technical information on commercialised technologies. The TAG Program is for technologies which are pre-commercialisation.

For more information on SAT download the SAT Water brochure or contact [email protected]​​m.


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