Gencom is the largest supplier of two-way communications solutions in NSW, employing over 50 staff and currently providing sales, service and engineering support for many radio communications and paging networks throughout NSW.

Gencom Two Way Radio began as a Newcastle-based company established in 1981 to provide a diverse range of radio communications products to government, mining, commerce and industry. Since that time, the company has experienced strong and sustained growth, with the acquisition of a number of companies and expansion.

Gencom acts as the prime delivery conduit for many large projects in the areas of coal seam gas, transport, power generation, electricity, water and gas, with local installation and support being provided by both Gencom and our local dealers where appropriate.

Gencom also offers the full range of data radio services to complement offerings in the voice radio market. Data radio services include point-to-point microwave links and SCADA radios. Gencom has significant expertise in telemetry and SCADA, wireless IP data, biometrics, collision avoidance, fatigue management solutions and alarm escalation solutions to provide a comprehensive suite of capabilities well beyond the traditional two way radio voice communications portfolio.

Gencom is the premium distributor for 4RF in Australia and has staff trained in the sales, installation, maintenance and operation of these advanced SCADA radios.

About 4RF

4RF are experts in radio communications and the organisation was founded in 1998 by industry experts with many years of experience in the telecommunications and microwave radio industry. 4RF is a global company with customers in more than 130 countries, across multiple industries.

Design and manufacturing is based at 4RF’s headquarters in New Zealand, while sales, customer service and marketing are based in various parts of the world to meet the needs of our customers.

This allows 4RF to deliver an extreme focus on quality, resulting in technology and products that are renowned worldwide, backed up by unrivalled customer service and support, with local support delivered by Gencom in Australia.

Why is 4RF technology special?

4RF products are unique because they perform best in the real world, with reliability and cost effectiveness. Every element in the 4RF design is optimised for maximum performance, and rigorous attention to detail ensures that industry-leading reliability is part of any Gencom and 4RF critical communications solution.

4RF’s product portfolio

The Aprisa XE is a point-to-point wireless link that can reach up to 250km in a single hop, delivering carrier-class capacity of up to 65Mbit/s. It is available in a wide range of frequency bands from 300MHz to 2.5GHz, with channel sizes ranging from 25kHz to 14MHz, for maximum deployment flexibility. Its modular construction supports a range of easily configurable analogue and digital interface cards: E1/T1, 2 and 4-wire analogue, multiple data options and 10/100 Base-T Ethernet.

The Aprisa FE, SR and SR+ radios are point-to-multipoint radios for monitoring and control communications. Available in 136 and 174MHz and 400 to 470MHz licensed bands, it supports both serial and IP/Ethernet traffic, supporting a seamless transition from legacy communications to an IP-based world. Along with its superior RF for maximum traffic efficiency, the Aprisa FE, SR and SR+ embody industry-leading cyber security measures.

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