From 1 July 2013, a consolidated set of Design and Construction Standards came into effect across South East Queensland.

The standards are known as the SEQ Water Supply & Sewerage Design & Construction Code (SEQ WS&S D&C Code or the SEQ Code) and are available from the Seqcode website

This Code streamlines the design and construction process for new water and sewerage assets across the South East Queensland region.

The Code was introduced because Queensland Government legislation requires one set of Design and Construction Standards to be introduced for the whole of South East Queensland.

Designs that were substantially commenced prior to 1 July 2013 will not need to be amended to meet the new standards. They will be assessed and approved against the standards in place when the design was commenced. However, any design work commenced on or after 1 July 2013, and any design submitted for approval after 1 October 2013 must comply with the new standards.

During the transitional arrangement period, you may need to refer to the superseded Queensland Urban Utilities Standards

Other relevant requirements that also need to be followed are;

Water Supply

Fire hydrant and hose reel metering arrangements

Submetering of multi-unit properties specifications

Sewage Pumping Stations

Ladder details for grit collector maintenance holes & pump wells

Ladder installation details for valve pits

Ladder component details for valve pits

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