Preserving Sewer Maintenance Structures (SMS), also known as manholes, is an everyday problem for the diligent sewer asset manager. These structures are fundamental to sewer network performance and provide a vital link for serviceability.

With much of the focus on the pipe in network rehabilitation, the range of products available to adequately rehabilitate SMS has been limited. This all changes with a Cured-In-Place Manhole (CIPM) system.

Many of the issues with rehabilitated structures come back to haunt the diligent sewer asset manager because, until recently, the solutions have been temporary and heavily reliant on the condition of the existing substrate.

The substrate often fails when active concrete degradation continues behind the newly applied coating.

Asset managers seeking 50-year design life criteria have been challenged with the existing coatings for SMS, with a complicated composite style approach to design that is dependent on the quality of the material supplied.

Alternative Lining Technologies Australia has found the solution to these problems for the Australian asset manager.

As the name suggests, CIPM is a cured-in-place lining solution that can be customised to suit virtually any shape SMS, pump well or other underground structure.

CIPM by Alternative Lining Technologies LLC of Michigan has been utilised in the US for over twenty years.

Unlike coatings, CIPM provides a structural solution that features:

  • Zero reliance on the SMS substrate condition
  • Acid-resistant PVC surface
  • Fast installation process
  • 50-year plus lifetime solution backed by 20-year warranty

Alternative Lining Technologies has completed installations of CIPM within the Melbourne Water, Yarra Valley Water and South East Water catchment areas in Victoria.

Alternative Lining Technologies and delivery partner, Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure, are now installing CIPM across Australia and New Zealand.

Abergeldie complex infrastructure

Abergeldie has 25 years’ industry experience and is a leading civil engineering contractor in Australia and New Zealand. Established in 1994, its experience extends to planning, design, delivery and maintenance of an extensive range of infrastructure services.

It provides trenchless pipe rehabilitation solutions for the sewer, sewer main and water mains industry. Typical works include pipe inspection, pipe cleaning, pipe relining, pipe junction sealing and post CCTV inspections with support services such as environmental assessments, traffic control, flow control, manhole services and all related civil works.

This partner content was brought to you by Alternative Lining Technologies. For more information, call 0418 542 120.

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