Smart inverters are set to boost solar power generation following a  new ‘smart inverter’ standard which became mandatory for all Victorian rooftop solar systems late 2021.

Jemena General Manager Asset & Operations – Electricity, Karl Edwards, said that a smart inverter system is an essential rooftop solar system feature which links the solar panels to the electricity network.

“Renewable energy, including rooftop solar, is a growing source of power generation in Australia. To enable our low carbon future, we need to enable all the renewable energy we can,” Mr Edwards said.

“Jemena is working hard to transition our electricity grid to safely and reliably support that future. We know we are on the right journey as we have been ranked in the top 20 electricity networks in the world in the Smart Grid Index.  

“When our customers are able to generate more solar energy from their rooftop panels, this has the dual benefit of solar powering their home leading to lower power costs for their household, and generating lower-emission energy for the wider community. 

“By moving to a new standard for smart inverters used across Australia, the stability of the overall electricity grid will be improved and it will also allow the electricity grid to host more solar. 

“These advanced inverters have power quality and voltage settings that will make rooftop solar systems more resilient to fluctuations in voltages across the electricity network. For customers this means a more reliable connection and the ability to generate more solar energy.”

Mr Edwards said the new smart inverters would also play an important role in enabling the grid to host more electric vehicles over the longer term. 

“Not only will electric vehicles help with the decarbonisation of the transportation sector, but their ability to act as an electricity grid-connected battery while being charged allows them to contribute to the stability of the grid overall,” Mr Edwards said.

“Jemena is proud to be contributing to the energy transition via initiatives such as the EV Grid: Enabling Electric Vehicle Friendly Networks and Neighbourhoods trial and by working with our customers to lead the adoption of smart inverters for rooftop solar.  

“It’s an exciting time for the industry and we are well-positioned to meet the changing energy demands of our customers, supporting a net-zero future.”

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