Australian National University (ANU) has installed smart meters across its campus to receive accurate water use data, to help it make informed decisions on how to manage water use and how to reduce consumption costs.

The Smart Water Metering project identified around $300,000 in potential water savings, and was recognised as a best practice example in the professional services category at the inaugural Australian Internet of Things Awards.

ANU had over 180 water monitoring devices installed on water meters across its network by WaterGroup in August 2016.

The benefits were realised in a short amount of time, as it only took six weeks to identify savings.

The meters have helped to identify unaccounted water use, and led to significant cost savings as well as enabling the prioritisation of water-saving measures.

The smart metering network has also provided a number of positive adjacent outcomes, including the establishment of sustainability challenges for student accommodation groups to compete on water usage efficiency, and the production of a case study that positions ANU as a leader in campus water management.

It is helping ANU in their strategic goal to drive down their water footprint and reduce their water utility costs.

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