AGL Energy Limited has introduced a solar Smart Plan for Queensland customers. The new plan offers free installation of 3kW solar systems with payment only required for the solar energy consumed from the panels, rather than the energy produced from the panels.

Available from 1 July, AGL’s solar Smart Plan has zero upfront costs and it is estimated customers could save around $180 per year off their power bills if they use just 50 per cent of the energy generated by the system. This plan helps make solar more accessible for Queenslanders who are looking for a way to lower energy costs without stretching the household budget.

Queenslanders who sign up to AGL’s solar Smart Plan before 31 July 2015 will be charged an extra low rate of 17.6c/kWh including GST in the first year for the energy they consume from the solar panels. This is significantly lower than standard retail contract rates of 24.5c/kWh including GST. In addition, for July only, Queensland customers who take up this offer will also receive a free Samsung galaxy lite tablet worth $149 to help them monitor the energy generated from their solar system.

AGL’s solar Smart Plan is a 15 year agreement but customers have the flexibility to exit the contract at any time by buying the system outright at the same price that the system retails for today. For customers who choose to see the plan out, AGL can transfer ownership of the solar system to them as set out in the agreement and customers will be able to generate energy for free for the rest of the system’s operational life.

Executive General Manager New Energy, Marc England, said consumers are looking for new ways to help them manage their energy consumption and bills.

“AGL is pleased to be able to offer Queenslanders a great way to save money off their energy bills without the financial stress of a large upfront investment.

“We are the only major retailer in Australia to offer a solar plan with zero upfront costs where customers only pay for the solar energy they consume from their solar panels, rather than the energy produced from the panels.

“Customers will be able to track how much their system is producing as well as their consumption via a password protected online portal. AGL will also monitor and service the system for the life of the agreement,” Mr England said.

Suitability of the AGL solar Smart Plan for a customer will depend on an individual’s circumstances. Customers must consume at least 15kWh on average per day to be eligible for the plan.

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