Rainfall data offers a rich source of information that can be integrated with other system management data sources to actually predict problems and mitigate sewer overflows – while improving service levels, lowering maintenance costs and better informing long­-term planning processes.

SmartRain® is a new tool from SmartCover® Systems that automatically integrates rainfall data within the SmartCover software environment, so that it can be used along with level or flow data in the collection system. For users of SmartCover® level monitors or SmartFLOE® flow monitor system, rain data is acquired and presented in the user interface in a single display.

This seamless data integration capability provides an easy method to view and understand the relationship between local rainfall events and abnormal sewer levels and flows, facilitating the tracking of inflow and infiltration (I&I).

Excessive I&I quickly drives up treatment costs, as well as contributing to overflow risks, but tracking it down is historically difficult.

SmartRain® provides operators and managers with the needed data to pinpoint I&I, by correlating sewer flow with rainfall for each measuring station.

In addition, SmartRain® gives users access to immediate, historical and forward­-looking data which can easily integrate into flow models, and validate sewershed flow modelling.

Providing calibrated rainfall data at a number of sites over a wide area, and integrating it with real­-time and historical flow and level data enables planners to correlate data streams over selected timeframes and even export the data for offline analysis.

This capability provides a powerful planning tool to optimise system performance and plan maintenance and upgrade works.

Then, when the rains come, as they surely will, SmartRain® real-­time monitoring will enable you and your team to quickly prioritise potential problem areas and rapidly respond where it will be most effective.

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