In a win for sustainability and innovation, WaterGroup has deployed its smart water metering solution into McDonald’s 1000th sustainable flagship restaurant in Melton South, Victoria.

WaterGroup’s smart metering solution is one of 25 core sustainability initiatives the restaurant is using to reduce its environmental impact with the aim to test, evaluate and implement industry-leading sustainability innovations into the future.

Guenter Hauber Davidson, MD of WaterGroup, said, “At WaterGroup, saving water for our customers is our top priority. We are so proud to assist McDonald’s with our state of the art technology to achieve real savings.

“Leaking pipes, leaky toilets, fixtures, valves, or sprinklers are some of the typical causes of abnormally high water use. With our solution in place the Melton South restaurant can quickly identify when these occur to save water and money.”

McDonald’s Australia Director of Supply Chain and Sustainability, Kylie Freeland, said, “Restaurant 1000 is a significant achievement for us at Macca’s and we’re proud to be continuing to find sustainability innovations that will help make a positive difference to the communities we operate in.

“Through collaboration with the franchisee of the restaurant, as well as partners like WaterGroup, we hope that restaurant 1000 will allow us to learn quickly and expand successful innovation trials that enable us to continue to implement practices, equipment and products to improve our environmental impact.”

WaterGroup’s smart water metering solution comprises a smart NB-IoT enabled logger that connects to a site’s existing water meter. The data from that meter is then sent to the cloud and is accessible via a client facing portal. 

At Melton South they also have WaterGroup’s AWARE service where the WaterGroup team monitor and alert the restaurant of unusual water usage turning insights into action.

During FY 2019 alone, WaterGroup has delivered measurable outcomes for its clients with water savings of almost 300 million litres and cost savings of over $1 million.

“We wish the McDonald’s South Melton team great success with their new restaurant and look forward to saving them water and money,” Mr Hauber Davidson said.

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