Residents in Western Australia can now save money on their electricity bills by using their smartphone.

Horizon Power customers can download the Horizon Power free app which enables them to see how and when they are using electricity, as well as estimating what their next bill is likely to be.

Horizon Power’s Manager Customer Service, Terry Absolon, said the app would greatly benefit customers during the 2018 summer months, when the average power bill for customers tends to be significantly higher.

“As the weather gets hotter, customers turn up their air-conditioners to stay cooler. This accounts for a dramatic increase in their electricity consumption – often two thirds or more of their household bill which can be quite a shock for some when they receive their next bill,” Mr Absolon said.

“The app will help customers track their electricity consumption and enable them to make the necessary changes to help avoid ‘bill shock’ and reduce their power bills where possible.

“Simple actions such as setting the temperature to no lower than 24 degrees and ensuring the filters are cleaned regularly can make a big difference to the amount of energy air-conditioning systems use.”

Mr Absolon also said that a recent audit of Horizon Power’s new advanced meters had provided further proof that the advanced meters are accurate and aren’t responsible for higher bills in the summer months.

“More than 100 of Horizon Power’s new advanced meters were audited to ensure they met the requirements of the Western Australian Metering Code. All meters passed the audit and were proven to be in excellent working condition.” 

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