TasWater will be using smoke testing in Sorell, Dunalley and Woodbridge in the near future, to help identify cracks and leaks in the sewerage network through the use of odourless smoke. 

Department Manager Asset Strategy and Performance, Matt Jordan, said a smoke testing blower will be used to release non‐toxic smoke into the system. 

“The odourless smoke will make its way through the network, helping to identify leaks, cracks, maintenance hole defects and stormwater connections,” Mr Jordan said. 

While this testing is underway, locals might see small to moderate amounts of smoke exiting sewer maintenance holes, pipes and drains.  

“The public might see smoke leaking out from maintenance holes or drains in the area, however it’s no cause for concern,” Mr Jordan said. 

This project will also identify where rainfall comes into the systems when it shouldn’t be.  

During heavy rain, this can contribute to sewage spills and overloading pump stations and sewage treatment plants. 

“The results from the smoke testing program will be used to plan upgrade work on our infrastructure, maintenance holes and pipes to reduce flow into our system,” Mr Roberts said. 

“We’re working with the Kingborough and Sorell Council and have notified local residents of this work.”  

TasWater has engaged local contractors Sugden and Gee and AJ Water to conduct the smoke testing, with traffic management in place. 

For further information including the schedule of testing and locations, please head to the TasWater website:

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