Established in 2011, Optimos Solutions aims to lead the way in advanced solutions for the management of water quality and water treatment processes.

Optimos Solutions’s ZAPS Technologies LiquIDTM Station – a real-time, multi-parameter water quality analyser – uses hybrid multispectral analysis, a patented technology which employs three different optical measurement techniques – absorbance, fluorescence and scattering – using a single optical platform.

This approach allows the real-time measurement of a wide range of water quality parameters including BOD, E.coli, Total THMs, VFAs, Blue Green Algae and many more.

Several LiquID stations are working in Australia on monitoring applications including municipal WWTP influent, WTP raw water and drinking water distribution systems.

Recently, Optimos added four new technologies to its portfolio – the Blue I Technologies Smart LEA, the NEPSUS CBOM advanced wastewater treatment process, the Silecte disinfection media from Claire Technologies and an advanced remote communications and data management technology from Ayyeka.

The Blue I Technologies Smart LEA (Low Energy Analyser) was developed specifically for the monitoring of drinking water distribution systems. A combination of low-energy consuming components and smart energy management software allows the Smart LEA to operate, using a compact on-board battery pack, for up to two years.

Monitoring pH, ORP, free chlorine, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, pressure, and able to accept a flow input, its data is viewable and downloadable via the Blue I WUI (Web User Interface).

A range of event-based water quality alerts and can be easily configured by the user. The Smart LEA is small, portable and can be simply installed in remote and difficult-to-access locations.

The Nepsus Continuous Backwash Oxidative Microfiltration (CBOM) is a wastewater treatment technology process that is low-cost (both capital and operating costs) and ideally suited to decentralised applications including regional utilities, new subdivisions, resorts, mining camps and military bases.

It is largely independent of biological processes, which makes it robust and resilient to rapidly changing loads. Its modular design allows the addition of nutrient removal and disinfection processes (including membranes), enabling the process to produce a wide range of fit-for-purpose treated water qualities.

Claire Technologies’s SilecteTM disinfection media requires no power and no chemical addition. The germicidal effect is applied during the manufacturing process and the fluid stream, whether treated wastewater or potable water, has to directly contact the Silecte media surface for rapid disinfection.

Silecte does not contain or produce disinfection byproducts, so there is no negative environmental impact on the receiving waters and the applications are myriad – from POU and POE domestic drinking water disinfection to large municipal and industrial applications. Its reported log removal capabilities are impressive across a wide range of pathogens.

Ayyeka’s integrated cross-platform solutions are comprised of Ayyeka’s Wavelet hardware – the core of the monitoring kit – which collects and transmits monitored data.

Diagram_Temperature-ProfileThe Wavelet is preconfigured to autonomously operate best-of-breed sensors, enabling large-scale deployment of smart networks.

The collected data is seamlessly transmitted to a private cloud server, accessible through Ayyeka’s WUI-based data management system. Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and third-party integration are additionally available through an API.

Optimos continues to search out synergistic and complementary technologies and focus on providing holistic and managed solutions for water security.

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