The Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) has announced the winner of the best tasting tap water in South Australia for 2016.

WIOA has determined that the best tasting tap water is produced by the SAWater operators from the Morgan Water Treatment Plant.

This is the second time water authorities in South Australia have battled it out to see who produces the best tasting tap water in the state as part of the the Ixom South Australia Water Taste Test.

The Morgan plant draws water from the River Murray, filters and disinfects it and then pumps it to the Hanson Storage near Clare where it is then gravity fed to the Mid North, York Peninsula and parts of the Eyre Peninsula.

The winner was chosen from four finalists who were voted based on 16 samples from across the state.

The four finalists included  the Mount Pleasant Water Treatment Plant, Penneshaw Water Treatment Plant, Morgan Water Treatment Plant and Summit Storage.

Water experts judge samples on aroma, clarity and taste at the Annual South Australia WIOA water interest day to determine who produces South Australia’s “top drop”.

WIOA Chief Operations Officer Craig Mathisen said while the competition puts a spotlight on the friendly rivalry among water providers, the real highlight is the passion that the operators put into continually producing high quality, safe, drinking water.

Mr Mathisen said forget about Barossa Valley versus McLaren Vale, this year best drop is supplied from the Morgan water treatment facility that consistently provide safe drinking water to their communities.

“The competition was tough and the samples were all of an exceptionally high quality,” Mr Mathisen said.

“The event is really a celebration of the fact that some of the best tasting and safest water in the world is produced right here in South Australia by people who have a great passion for their jobs.”

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