Aquarevo, Victoria’s most water-sustainable residential development, has achieved a 7-star energy efficiency breakthrough with the release of the final lots at its Lyndhurst community.

The 24-lot Ecorevo precinct is the conclusion of an UDIA award-winning collaboration between developer Villawood Properties and South East Water on the 470-lot Aquarevo project.

Located on a decommissioned water purification plant, Aquarevo offers up to 70 per cent drinking water savings and reduces CO2 by 1,460 tonnes a year, the same as taking almost 300 cars off the road. Its solar energy systems also offer 60 per cent energy savings on power bills.

The new Ecorevo release reached its 7-star energy efficiency rating through a variety of siting, size and orientation initiatives, together with a range of material, appliance, shading, thermal, glazing and lighting choices. 

While six-star energy efficiency is the current industry standard, few developers have attempted to step up to seven stars in a mainstream suburban residential project. 

Ecorevo represents an important breakthrough in the evolution of more sustainable mainstream housing. It is even more so for its ongoing collaboration with South East Water.

Villawood Executive Director, Rory Costelloe, said sustainable housing was set to become more prominent in residential housing and Ecorevo, coming off the back of Aquarevo’s widely recognised water/power performance, would be an important springboard.

“The industry needs to see that this can be done, and done effectively and cost-effectively,” Mr Costelloe said.

“Builders in particular need to know this kind of sustainability is achievable. They should already know it’s what more and more homebuyers want so they really need to get on board.

“Aquarevo has been a great example of what we can do with water – and what we can do working with government. Ecorevo takes this all a step further and every step is a step closer to a healthier planet, to healthier lifestyles and more sustainable communities.

South East Water Managing Director, Lara Olsen, said, “Aquarevo is now a living, breathing community that proves there are better ways we can use and reuse water. This enables us to reduce our reliance on our precious drinking water supplies.

“With over 200 houses now completed at Aquarevo, we’re seeing real water and energy saving results from these residents. The release of Ecorevo is exciting because it further enables homebuyers and the building industry to make sustainable choices with real outcomes for the environment and our water supplies.” 

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