Kwik-ZIP HDXT-43 on a 4-pipe HDPE bundle for a project in the UK

Infrastructure services and engineering company, Amey, have utilised Kwik-ZIP HDXT-43 spacers to facilitate the slip-lining of a four-pipe bundle for the M42 J6 Diversion Project near Birmingham Airport in the UK.

Junction 6 of the M42 connects the M42 motorway to the A45 to the east of Birmingham and, prior to this project, significant delays and congestion were experienced by motorists due to capacity constraints. The M42 J6 Diversion Project was implemented to alleviate this congestion. 

The 4-pipe bundle consisted of two DN 180 HDPE and two DN450 HDPE pipes, with Kwik-ZIP spacers selected for this project for the following reasons:

  • Their ability to secure the 4-pipe bundle together
  • Their flexibility to work with any pipe profile 
  • Their capacity to protect and support the bundle during the slip-lining process

Kwik-ZIP’s extensive range of spacers caters for a wide range of carrier/casing pipe size combinations as well as providing flexibility to deal with project alterations. 

Made using Kwik-ZIP’s engineered thermoplastic blend and containing no metal parts, the spacers are extremely tough and have a low coefficient of friction.

Amey Site Manager, Tim Lohoff, said Kwik-ZIP’s spacer system is an excellent product.

“The spacer system was easily installed and was an excellent aid in slip lining the 4-pipe bundle through the tunnel which we had installed prior to slip lining works,” Mr Lohoff said.

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