As the release of the results of NBN Co.’s strategic review draws near, speculation is rife about the state of the rollout and the viability and likelihood of various options for the network’s construction.

Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull has assured critics that the results of the strategic review will be released by the end of the year, with some commercial information redacted. However, a Senate order pushes for an earlier release date.

Meanwhile, NBN Co. Chairman Ziggy Switkowski is reported to have told senators at a recent hearing that the cost figures recently delivered by the company continue to rise with each passing day and has stated that the current construction deadlines will pose a definite challenge.

My own initial experience when you go out into the field, you talk to contractors, you look at the stats around how the work is being done, confirms that the costs are higher than people had hoped,” Dr Switkowski said.

It also remains to be seen to what extent FTTP and FTTN will be used in the finalised rollout and whether overhead instead of underground cabling may be considered.

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