With net zero emission goals and the consistent and early closure of coal-fired power plants demanding replacement energy projects, there has been a significant increase in the demand for renewable energy technologies and supplies. This means an unprecedented need for renewable equipment – and fast.

The Federal Climate Change Act mandates a reduction in emissions of 43 per cent by 2030. This has serious ramifications for the future of Australia’s energy market, and the speed at which the Act demands the transition to renewables.

Over the next ten years, utilities will work towards the federal and state legislated targets to reach net zero emissions for a renewable and reliable energy sector. These goals have led to the development of substantial projects, such as Renewable Energy Zones (REZs). The Climate Council has called REZs the “modern-day, renewables-based equivalent of a power station, combining generation, transmission and storage to make sure our energy system is secure, affordable, clean and reliable”.

Other major projects, such as Queensland’s SuperGrid and SuperHub – the scale of which have never been seen before in Australia – will require a substantial inventory of high-calibre and reliable equipment and cables. REZs and these super projects, which represent only a small portion of Australia’s current renewable projects, depend on a plethora of work, highlighting the need for high-quality, trusted equipment to bring plans to life.

Strong need for reliable and fast equipment supply

There are a number of other infrastructure challenges hindering utilities’ plans to reach net zero targets. Supply chain problems remain exacerbated from the COVID-19 pandemic, and supplies coming into Australian ports can be unpredictable and off-schedule.

Since 1916, MM Electrical Merchandising (MMEM) has been a house-hold name in the Australian energy industry, and its evolution continues into the infrastructure and utility supply space with its brand Cabletech.

Backed by MMEM’s century of experience, Cabletech sources and stocks full ranges of conductors from specialised factories around the world. Its significant number of highly stocked warehouses around Australia allows Cabletech to support the largest cable and energy infrastructure projects with engineering, shorter lead times and cost control.

As Australia’s trusted copper and aluminium cable supplier, Cabletech’s expertise and experience is ready to turn renewable projects plans into reality. Its specialist team has the expert knowledge to ensure the right, total cable solution. With over $15 million in stock in Sydney alone, Cabletech’s trusted supply comes from its choice of Class Five multi-stranded equipment, competitive pricing, and the additional benefit of in-house cable management and logistics.

Its multiple sheath offers from PVC, EXPE, silicone, low smoke halogen free, corrugated steel tape and more. Australia is facing unprecedented renewable targets and faces a decade of increased project development, but MMEM’s 100 years of experience can support this demand and ensure projects have the right equipment and cables when they need it.

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