Most people think that their residual current circuit breaker with overload protection (RCBO) trips out because the circuit is either overloaded or incorrectly rated. This is often not the case, as ambient temperature plays a key part in how a normal thermal residual current device (RCD)/RCBO operates.

Most RCD/RCBOs operate on a thermal residual current system which is affected by ambient temperature. This causes the internal mechanism to overheat and then trip out, even though the load isn’t more than the rating. These cause onerous callouts which are not only expensive but also irritating to your customer.

The hydraulic magnetic technology of CBI Electric RCBOs and breakers mean that ambient temperature isn’t a factor. They only measure the true load of the circuit, so if you have to send either a staff electrician or a subcontractor to site, you know there is actually a fault.

This means that when evaluating power outages against KPIs, the data you are analysing is accurate. The pole mounted enclosure can accommodate CBI Electric’s range of SFM breakers and SF1EL RCBOs in configurations to provide flexibility and safety to the power authority and the consumer.

CBI Electric Australia also has a range of weatherproof enclosures in varying materials to allow the isolation of power without crossing the boundary into the consumer’s premises.

About CBI Electric: Australia

Heinemann Electric Pty Ltd, trading as CBI Electric: Australia, is a supplier of quality low-voltage protection equipment, power and distribution boards, motor control centres and a range of electrical installation products. Established in Australia in 1959, CBI Electric: Australia is known for the SF range of circuit breakers and RCBOs, which are recognised in the mining, industrial and power sectors as being robust and reliable.

CBI Electric: Australia provides trusted, durable and reliable products for the protection and control of low-voltage electrical installations. They design and supply electrical main switchboards up to 3,200 amps, distribution boards with associated switchgear using hydraulic magnetic technology. Load centres, temporary site switchboards and pole mounted enclosures complete the range, allowing CBI Electric: Australia to be a valuable partner on any project, whether large or small.

CBI Electric: Australia is well regarded in the industry for providing excellent service, high quality products and fully supported projects.

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