Gippsland Water’s Solicitor’s Updates Online portal has proved a success with local solicitors, conveyancers and homeowners.

“By automating the Information Statement Updates, solicitors and conveyancers can access up-to-date property financials in an easy and convenient manner. I know that sounds a little dry, but by improving efficiency in our systems it allows greater efficiency for solicitors and conveyancers across Gippsland,” said General Manager of Customer Service and Communications at Gippsland Water, Paul Clark.

More than 1,300 Information Statements have been accessed via the system in just over 10 months of operation, accounting for 55 per cent of all Information Statement updates provided by Gippsland Water’s Property Information Team.

Conveyancer, Jodie Polik of JP Conveyancing Works Moe said the new system had made a marked difference to her work day. “Using the Online portal makes doing business a lot quicker and easier. Registering was a simple process and since then we’ve saved considerable time by not having to be on the phone but rather generating the statement we need online.”

The Solicitors Online function was originally trialled with just six local solicitors to ensure it met the demand of the profession. Since then that number has grown to over 30 solicitors and conveyancers.

Solicitors Update Online is part of Gippsland Water’s goal to finding new and interactive ways of serving its customers more efficiently and keeping downward pressure on customer’s water bills.

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