Global player in water infrastructure, SUEZ, has announced a Principal Sponsorship with Ozwater’23, Australia’s most anticipated industry event, as well as the largest water conference and exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Held from 10-12 May, the Australian Water Association’s Ozwater event supports a program of speakers, papers and workshops by people working in the water and wastewater industries. 

Making a splash

Echoing Ozwater’23’s theme, United by Water, SUEZ plans to demonstrate how it’s supporting its customers through their ecological transitions, as well as helping them build resilient and sustainable water management services for their communities.

For SUEZ, water is the universal element that connects us all. It is a symbol of unity, reminding us of our interconnectedness and our shared responsibility to protect this precious resource. United by the life-giving power of water, SUEZ believes we can build a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.

The company plans to share its message with industry leaders and professionals who share its passion for protecting this vital resource and ensuring a better future for all.

United by Water

The 2023 theme celebrates water’s vital role in connecting people through economic growth, supporting healthy ecosystems, encouraging industry collaboration and touching every aspect of global development. 

During the event, SUEZ aims to highlight the importance of prioritising innovation, as the global water sector faces significant environmental and climate change challenges. By investing in R&D, prioritising procurement, using digital technologies and adopting a multi-tiered approach to sustainability, SUEZ says that utilities can proactively mitigate environmental risks and meet service demand. 

In line with Ozwater’23’s theme, SUEZ’s focus on growing its innovation and sustainability practices offers new ways of conserving finite water supplies, creating new customer resources and maintaining asset quality.

SUEZ’s key speakers

  • Aude Fumex, SUEZ’s Business Improvement Manager – Production & Treatment Alliance – presenting ‘New ways of delivering training during pandemics and beyond’
  • Jodi Kerrigan, SUEZ’s Environment Manager – P & T Alliance – presenting ‘Working towards net zero at Glenelg Wastewater Treatment Plant’ 
  • Loreline Burcher, WATERSURE’s Environmental Specialist – presenting ‘10 years into the largest ecological restoration project in Victoria’

Aude Fumex, SUEZ’s Business Improvement Manager

Ms Fumex will speak on how businesses can transfer knowledge and explore new training opportunities in the wake of COVID-19, analysing alternative models of training and exploring further operational improvements for internal teams. 

Ms Kerrigan will explore how the Glenelg Wastewater Treatment Plant in South Australia is on its way to becoming energy self-sufficient as a result of its operations and progress towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Jodi Kerrigan, SUEZ’s Environment Manager

Ms Burcher will present on the ecological restoration of the area surrounding the Victorian Desalination Plant in Wonthaggi and how the project successfully rehabilitated coastal reserves and nurtured the growth of indigenous flora and fauna.

These presentations will outline SUEZ’s sustainable water and waste capabilities, its new digital technologies and new focus on innovation, which all work together to preserve water resources and build a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Event details

The Ozwater’23 event will be held at Sydney’s International Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICC Sydney). 

Loreline Burcher, WATERSURE’s Environmental Specialist

SUEZ is inviting all presenters, delegates, exhibitors and participants to visit its stand and speak with its specialists, at stand number E10

To learn more about SUEZ’s presentations and involvement with Ozwater, click here.

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