WG installing at SydneyWater Customer site

Sydney Water and WaterGroup have been working together to roll out online water monitoring for its business and industrial users. This collaboration has created strong and measurable savings for businesses across Greater Sydney.

Hidden leaks and inefficient processes cost businesses thousands of dollars each year. They can waste tens of thousands of litres of water. That’s why Sydney Water contacted WaterGroup to help in the roll-out of its online water monitoring program. The program provides real-time data logging for businesses to track their water consumption, highlighting abnormal use to pinpoint where savings can be made.

Ben Swain is the Manager – Water Efficiency Programs at Sydney Water. He’s got a family history with the organisation, going back through his parents and one of his grandparents, who all worked for Sydney Water. Swain manages the team looking after the Online Monitoring Program, which was established in 2021.

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Featured image: WaterGroup installing a smart meter at a  Sydney Water Customer site.

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