Sydney Water has awarded a significant contract for the first two upgrades to the Rouse Hill Water Resource Recovery Facility in Sydney’s North-West.

The contract has been awarded to Fulton Hogan and is part of a larger project known as the Northwest Treatment Hub Program. The program will see progressive upgrades to all three treatment plants that service this area. The other two Water Resource Recovery Facilities locations are Castle Hill and Riverstone.

The scope of works to be undertaken include a new odour control facility, new and upgraded treatment systems and upgrades to switch rooms and transformers.

Sydney Water Project Director, Bernard Clancy, confirmed the investment would ensure the planned growth in the area has appropriate wastewater treatment services.

“Using recycled water from the Rouse Hill Water Recycling Plant for things like gardens or flushing toilets saves precious drinking water stored in our dams. This is a vital environmental sustainability outcome for our growing city,” Mr Clancy said.

“Rouse Hill provides 32,000 customers with recycled water. Every year, surrounding households and industrial customers in the local area consume two billion litres of recycled water – that’s the equivalent of about 800 Olympic sized swimming pools.”

Sydney Water’s Water Resource Recovery Leader, Jon Hiscock, said, “This is very exciting news. We look forward to working with Fulton Hogan as we build for the health of our current and future communities, the environment, and enhance our ability to recover and reuse resources such as recycled water.”

Sydney Water Production Manager North West Hub, Tony Williamson, echoed those thoughts.

“It’s exciting to see that SWCs response to increasing population growth and environmental expectation is getting the balance right. Incorporating sustainable solutions and delivering the best possible customer experience and value is what we are all about,” Mr Williamson said.

At the heart of the project are several improvements addressing the plant’s environmental impact on the local area, including reducing noise and odour levels at the site.

Fulton Hogan General Manager, Steve Hall, is excited to participate in the project.

“This upgrade ensures that the plant will maintain a very high standard of treatment as the population of Sydney’s North-West continues to grow. We live in an international city with a unique natural environment, which treatment plants like Rouse Hill enhance,” Mr Hall said.

Upgrades to the Rouse Hill Water Recycling plant will commence in June 2023. The plant will continue to deliver recycled water without interruption during the 18-month construction period.

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