Sydney Water has recently completed a $200,000 project to reduce the frequency of diluted wastewater discharged into Sailors Bay following heavy rain. This investment will enable residents to swim at Northbridge Baths more frequently than ever before.

Following heavy rainfall events, sewer overflows occur when stormwater enters wastewater pipes.  This causes the system’s capacity to be exceeded.  Rather than back-flowing onto properties, this excess flow is diverted away from homes and into waterways. 

Before the project was completed, the Northbridge Baths area experienced 156 overflows every ten years – an average of almost 16 per year.

Rodney Kerr, Strategy Manager at Sydney Water said, “The $200,000 investment will deliver better environmental outcomes for the area.  Sydney Water’s modelling suggests sewer overflows in wet weather will be reduced to less than two each year – with a 75 percent decrease in the overall water volume released.”

“In real terms, this will improve the usability of the Northbridge Baths and their surrounding amenities, creating a more attractive recreational environment for the local community.”

Now the project is complete, Northbridge residents will be able to enjoy the Baths and nearby beach at Sailors Bay far more often than before.

Mr Kerr continued, “The 2013-2014 Beachwatch Report graded the water quality at Sailors Bay as ‘Poor’ for swimming.  With the Northbridge Baths Project now complete, we expect this grading to improve to ‘Good’ over the coming years – which is a great result for local Northbridge residents.”

“We would like to thank the local community for their support and patience whilst work on the Northbridge Baths Project was completed.”

The Northbridge Baths Project is part of Sydney Water’s SewerFix Program, which aims to improve the wastewater system and protect public health and the environment. 

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