Sydney Water’s drinking water has passed the test for the eighteenth consecutive year after a rigorous independent report to the Independent Regulatory and Pricing Tribunal (IPART).

Sydney Water was independently audited by Cardno against five areas of its Operating Licence, receiving the excellent result of Full Compliance for drinking water quality, managing assets and the priority sewerage program, and High Compliance for recycled water quality and customer and consumer rights.

Sydney Water Managing Director Kevin Young said the result backs up customer research showing a high rate of customer satisfaction with Sydney’s drinking water.

“Since the granting of our first Operating Licence in 1995, we have achieved High to Full Compliance every year for the quality of our drinking water,” Mr Young said. “We provide the 4.6 million people of Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra with water that is safe, clean and healthy to drink. Our research shows our customers rate the quality of tap water highly, with our latest research survey showing water quality scoring 8.2 out of 10.

“The report also commended Sydney Water for its robust asset management system and the excellent progress we have made in delivering the Priority Sewerage Program, with both these areas also receiving Full Compliance against the Operating Licence.”

Mr Young said High Compliance was achieved for recycled water quality, and customer and consumer rights.

“I am very pleased that the report noted Sydney Water’s high standard in managing recycled water schemes, and that the performance of our plants was excellent. There were some recommendations for improved administration, and we will be adopting all recommendations going forward.

The organisation was also praised for its procedures in helping customers in hardship and debt.

“Sydney Water is aware of the financial difficulties faced by many customers with the rising cost of living and is committed to providing assistance to ensure that Sydney Water’s services remain accessible to all.”

Mr Young said these achievements had been made despite being set a hard savings target of $173 million by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal in 2012.

“This report shows that while we have been working hard to be an efficient organisation that keeps customer bills low, we have also maintained a high standard of service for our customers that protects public health and the environment.”

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