Hydraloop water system

Sydney Water has begun installing a new water recycling system in local homes as part of an Australian-first pilot program aimed at reducing water use. 

The Hydraloop greywater recycling system aims to save households’ water and money, by collecting and treating water from showers, baths and the laundry, and re-using it for toilet flushing, washing machines and gardens.

Roughly the size of a fridge, the smart water recycling system treats wastewater with a unique, low maintenance and energy-efficient biological treatment process, providing clean, clear and disinfected water. 

Hydraloop is expected to save between 35 per cent and 45 per cent of average household water use or 1000-1700 litres per week, while also reducing carbon footprints and water bills. 

Current modelling suggests Hydraloop can save around 72,000 litres of water per year for the average home – which translates to a 16 per cent saving on the typical residential annual water bill.  

Sydney Water’s General Manager of Business Development, Chris Gould, said, “Hydraloop is a global innovation we’re trialling at Sydney Water. It’s the first of its kind in Australia so it’s exciting to see Sydney Water at the forefront of experimenting with innovative technology that helps to improve water efficiency.

“At Sydney Water, we’re always looking for ways to improve water efficiency, including recycling and reusing grey water. We’re really excited about this trial, which will assess Hydraloop’s capability when it comes to helping our customers save water in their home and business.”

Sydney Water’s pilot will install 30 Hydraloop units, with plumbing work now underway for the first two installations.

The first location that will receive Hydraloop units is a multi-unit social housing complex on Bridge Road in Glebe, where four units are being installed, and the second is a residential home at Castlecrag.

Other Sydney suburbs involved in the Hydraloop trial include:

  • East Willoughby
  • Cromer
  • Brooklyn
  • Warrawee
  • Warriewood
  • Randwick
  • Longueville
  • Newtown
  • Balmain
  • Stanhope Gardens

Hydraloop was chosen as the winner of the WIPO Global Awards 2022 in July 2022 for its unique, patented technology that has the potential to substantially reduce water consumption worldwide.

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