Every day, AllightSykes is supporting businesses to deliver critical services toour communities. From civil through to marine, Australia to Ghana, you’ll find AllightSykes products everywhere.

With over 50 years of innovative design and manufacturing of Australian-made equipment, AllightSykes has created pumps for the most
challenging and diverse environments. AllightSykes pumps are regarded worldwide as one of the most efficient dewatering pumps on the market.

In late 2021, AllightSykes will launch the Yakka V2 and it is packed full of new features! The lightweight base and aluminium powder-coated canopy make the new unit a whopping 100kg lighter than the original Yakka – and it’s even easier to pick up with fork tynes built into the trailer.

The Megasorber D14 acoustic system ensures the pumps can operate in noise sensitive areas. Powered by a Perkins 400 series engine, operating the Yakka V2 is now even easier with the control panel and throttle accessible from the outside, and for any major repairs the pump pod can be easily lifted out. The Yakka V2 is the perfect solution for construction, civil, rental and municipal customers.

Our efficient equipment just got even better.

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