TasWater’s Forth Water Treatment Plant (WTP) works are well underway – when complete, the project will ensure water can safely and reliably be supplied to customers now and in the future. 

TasWater Project Engineer, Larry Smith, said filters at the plant are being renewed, which are vital to the water treatment process.

“The Forth WTP supplies water to the larger Devonport area,” Mr Smith said.

In recent months, the performance of some of the plant’s media filters have deteriorated.

“These filters are used to capture sediment from our water during the treatment process prior to distribution to our customers,” Mr Smith said. 

“If they are not working correctly, it can result in increased sediment and reduced treatment capacity in the drinking water supply.

“That’s why we are addressing it now, so it does not become an issue for our customers.”

The project also includes a significant amount of cleaning of the tanks, nozzles and other associated infrastructure at the plant.

“Before we bring the new filters online, we will undertake rigorous testing to ensure the plant is working as it should and that the water meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines,” Mr Smith said.

“Once complete, the works will lead to surety of safe and reliable drinking water supply as well as a decreased likelihood of high-level water restrictions.”

TasWater has stated that the region’s customers should not be impacted or notice any change to drinking water during, or after the project is complete.

The filter media replacement project is expected to be completed by the end of October 2021.

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