The Federal and Tasmanian Governments have announced $5 million in federal funding for the South Arm Recycled Water Pipeline, which will reuse and deliver irrigation water to the South Arm Peninsula. 

This funding is made available through the $108 million National Water Grid Connections funding pathway. 

Tasmanian Assistant Minister for Industry Development and Senator for Tasmania, Jonno Duniam, said the National Water Grid Connections is about delivering short-term economic stimulus through small-scale projects. 

“This pipeline will allow water from the Blackmans Bay Water Treatment Plant to be delivered to the South Arm Peninsula for irrigation purposes,” Mr Duniam said. 

“It will improve the reliability of South Arm’s water infrastructure, support agricultural production and help to deliver water security across the region. 

“This is another example of the Morrison Government’s $3.5 billion National Water Grid Fund delivering tangible outcomes on the ground, right here in Tasmania. 

“It is part of a $20 million federal commitment under this funding pathway for Tasmanian projects to improve water reliability and efficiency across the state.”

Tasmanian Primary Industries and Water Minister, Guy Barnett, said the Tasmanian Liberal Government welcomes federal funding for water projects in Tasmania under the National Water Grid Connections funding pathway initiative. 

“Tasmania is already leading the nation in terms of new sustainable irrigation schemes that are boosting agriculture towards our goal of $10 billion value at the farm gate by 2050.

“These new projects will deliver enhanced water quality and reliability while also promoting regional economic growth and sustainability, particularly in areas like South East Tasmania.

“This project is an excellent example of the wise use of water, because we are providing sustainable irrigation water to communities without extracting water from our river systems,” Mr Barnett said.

Arm End Project Manager, Craig Ferguson, said the project was close to achieving its goal of providing Class A Water to the peninsula and all users.

“This infrastructure will be provided free of charge by Arm End to benefit the entire community of South Arm,” Mr Ferguson said. 

“Our future goal is that the South Arm community has access to Class A Water in a Tasmanian-first project which takes recycled water and converts it for community and agricultural use. 

“The South Arm Pipeline project has the potential to transform the Peninsula just as the Coal River Valley water scheme has done.”

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