TasNetworks has awarded one of its Distribution Overhead Services Contracts to Zinfra. The contracts support the delivery of TasNetworks’ rolling program of routine and reactive services for the next three years.

In place until June 2019, the contract is financially and strategically significant for Zinfra in Tasmania.

Having delivered as a tier one contractor for TasNetworks for more than nine years, Zinfra has built a strong working relationship with the network provider, based on open and strong communication. Zinfra has proven its ability to deliver efficiently, as well as apply innovative thinking and a fresh approach to their work.

TasNetworks enjoys the benefit of Zinfra’s broad in-house capabilities and experience which means it offers a genuine ‘one stop shop’ service for clients.

TasNetworks also has the assurance that comes with Zinfra’s ability to mobilise resources from mainland Australia in order to meet work demands during peak periods. Zinfra currently has eight Victorian employees augmenting Tasmania’s crews while they work through a busy period.

Under the contract, Zinfra will be delivering planned services, routine maintenance and minor and emergency services, including:

  • Cross arm replacements
  • Copper and GI (galvanised iron) conductor upgrade
  • Pot head replacements
  • Condemned pole replacements
  • Pole make-ready work for third party installation on TasNetworks’ assets (typically Telstra, NBN, councils)
  • Transformer inspections
  • Low conductor rectification
  • Transformer replacements
  • Pole replacement or straightening
  • Decommissioned assets
  • Fault rectification works
  • Crisis work e.g. bushfire and storm rectification activities
  • Specialist works – request for labour e.g. supplying network operating crews

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