TasNetworks has launched an awareness campaign for the CablePI electrical safety sensor, reminding Tasmanians to ensure the device is plugged in and switched on. The device is provided free of charge to all TasNetworks customers, and has been distributed to over 240,000 Tasmanian households and small businesses since 2009.

TasNetworks CEO, Lance Balcombe, said the campaign compares the CablePI device to other lifesaving devices such as smoke alarms, bicycle helmets, life jackets, and sunscreen.

“The campaign is a simple reminder that the CablePI device must be plugged in, switched on, and the green light must be visible,” Mr Balcombe said.

“Broken neutrals are a problem that has challenged the electricity industry worldwide. Even though they are relatively common, they are potentially dangerous and can cause fires and electric shocks. Broken neutrals can be difficult to detect. To assist in the detection of broken neutrals, please check your CablePI is plugged in and working correctly. If you have flickering lights or tingly taps in your home, you may be at risk of serious injury or even death.”

Designed to detect some broken neutral faults, the CablePI safety sensors have identified over 3,400 electrical faults since 2009, with risks ranging from minor to severe.

Mr Balcombe urged Tasmanians to contact TasNetworks to order a free CablePI electrical safety sensor.

“The CablePI is built to last between five and ten years, so we’re asking Tasmanians to take a moment to check that their current CablePI device is still working correctly, just like they would with their smoke alarm.”

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