TasWater is looking for new owners for Waratah Dam in the state’s North West.

The water reservoir was inherited by TasWater when it formed in 2013, however it has not been used as a water supply for many years.

TasWater is responsible for ensuring customers are not charged for maintaining unused assets.

TasWater Dam Safety Manager, Fraser White, has been working with the Dam Safety Regulator to determine the future for Waratah Dam.

“There are a number of issues with the dam, including leakage through the dam wall and an undersized spillway which risks overflowing in heavy rain,” Mr White said.

Mr White said because it is no longer used as a water supply, it is no longer necessary for TasWater operations.

“TasWater is looking for a new owner who can undertake the required upgrading and ongoing maintenance to bring the dam back into compliance for the community’s continued recreational use.”

TasWater estimates the upgrade cost to be in the order of three million plus ongoing maintenance costs that include regular dam inspections, upkeep of the embankment and spillway, and dam safety monitoring and assessments.

“Ultimately, if we are not able to find a new owner who can upgrade, maintain and monitor it, TasWater will be required by the Dam Safety Regulator to decommission the Waratah Dam,” Mr White said.

In this event, the process of decommissioning the dam will be undertaken in 2018.

Some measures have already been taken for public safety, including lowering the water level to reduce the pressure on the dam wall, and more frequent routine safety checks have been arranged going forward. 

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