As part of a scheduled maintenance program, TasWater plans to lower the water level in Risdon Brook Dam.

The maintenance will involve the removal of vegetation from within the dam, which will help improve the water quality.

The work will take place over several weeks with parts of the walking track closed during the movement of heavy machinery and for short periods, access to the walking track loop around the dam may be restricted for safety reasons.

The water level will be lowered in a controlled manner through a valve which runs into the nearby Risdon Brook waterway next to the East Derwent Highway.

Risdon Brook Dam’s water level is already quite low due to ongoing dry conditions and with further lowering, significant areas of the dam will be exposed and alter the look of the shoreline.

Risdon Brook Dam is a back-up drinking water supply for the Eastern Shore which is typically used over summer when demand increases.

Scheduling the work at this time of year provides time to refill the dam before next summer when it may next be needed.

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