As part of the Tamar Estuary River Health Action Plan (TERHAP), TasWater is working to improve the health of the kanamaluka as well as progressing other projects such as a new pipeline under the North Esk River.

TasWater Capital Delivery Office Planning and Investigation Group Leader, Andrew Truscott, said there are several individual projects that form part of the TERHAP.

“All of the projects require a significant amount of investigation, analysis and planning to ensure we get the best outcome,” Mr Truscott said.

“Recently, we have been undertaking some geotechnical investigations, to further our design of a new pipeline that will pass under the North Esk River.

“The purpose of the proposed pipeline is to improve the transfer of sewage and stormwater to our Ti Tree Bend Sewage Treatment Plant and reduce overflows from our combined system network.

“The investigation will involve drilling into the riverbed to better understand the underlying materials. These investigations allow us to progress and tailor the pipeline design.

“We lifted the drill rig onto a barge in the river and have been drilling to around 35m of depth or until we hit solid rock.

“35m is around the size of a ten storey building, approximately the same height as Launceston’s iconic Peppers Silo Hotel.

“Later this year we will also be commencing works to upgrade our pump station on Margaret Street, in addition to some smaller scale works which all contribute to the TERHAP.”

The works all form part of a collaboration with the Australian and State Governments, City of Launceston Council, TasWater and other groups under the Launceston City Deal.

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