In areas that have a large quantity of restaurants, fats, oils and greases (FOG) are an ongoing issue to be dealt with, and if left to worsen, can create an underperforming sewer catchment that requires costly surcharging and maintenance.

That’s where the FLUSHER II and its cutting edge technology can help, providing a super simple solution, designed to maintain the serviceability of underperforming sewer catchments.

The FLUSHER II is a unique patented flush generating flap valve, that is designed for cleaning and maintaining drains and sewers.

FLUSHER II reduces effluent for a short period at a predetermined hydraulic head, then an automated gate releases a high-volume, low-pressure column of effluent through the catchment network, scouring and mobilising sediment downstream, which will prevent future silt build up and FOG blockages.

The safer way to clean sewers

The FLUSHER II upstream velocity, which will encounter significant increases, can be controlled by adjusting the equipment, ensuring the right effect can be achieved easily.

By storing and then suddenly releasing the natural flow present in drains and sewers, the FLUSHER II generates an enhanced hydraulic flush energy. This energised flush action repeats continually, without the need for power, jetting costs, or a hefty carbon footprint.

In comparison to the sewer cleaning method of water jetting, the FLUSHER II can be a much safer alternative, as there is no physical work needed after installation, and because it eliminates generation and release of contaminated water droplets and aerosol.

FLUSHER II is designed for optimal benefit in problem areas and keeps maintenance costs down.

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