A partnership with the Northern Territory Government and Telstra has delivered improved connectivity to Laramba, Yuelamu and Wutunugurra.

The communities can now benefit from new and improved 4G mobile coverage, fixed line internet and landline connections delivered as part of the Remote Telecommunications Co-investment Program (RTCP). 

A further eleven communities and areas have already received new or improved services under this program.

The RCTP aims to improve telecommunications infrastructure for 14 remote Northern Territory communities and sites that previously received no or poor mobile phone and/or fixed broadband service. 

The Territory Government has said that it is working to bring telecommunications upgrades to towns and communities across the Northern Territory through its co-investment programs. 

Since the inception of its co-investment programs, the Territory Government and Telstra have jointly invested $63.76 million and brought new connectivity and mobile phone services to 43 communities across the Northern Territory. 

Northern Territory Minister for Corporate and Digital Development, Selena Uibo, said that digital connectivity is vital for the wellbeing and livelihood of Territorians. 

“It is critical to the Territory economy, social development and cultural expression, as well as bridging the digital divide,” Ms Uibo said. 

“I know the residents in Laramba, Yuelamu and Wutunugurra will be pleased to have better connectivity, which can mean access to online services and connect for safety, work, business opportunities, as well as keeping in touch with family and friends.

“In partnership with Telstra, the Territory Government is making headway to provide connectivity to remote communities.”

Telstra Regional General Manager Northern Territory, Nic Danks, said that regardless of where they live, all Territorians deserve access to reliable mobile phone and internet services. 

“However, vast distances, challenging terrain, and small, dispersed communities can make it difficult to get everyone connected,” Mr Danks said. 

“Costs to deliver connectivity in remote communities are huge and without co-investment, it wouldn’t be viable. 

“The impact of programs such as the RTCP can help improve educational and economic opportunities, plus it helps deliver connectivity which can be life changing in emergency situations.

“Barring unforeseen circumstances, three more sites at Canteen Creek, Avon Downs and Nyrippi are expected to be delivered by Telstra this year as part of this program, and we look forward to working with the Northern Territory Government into the future to help boost telecommunications across the territory.”

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